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Bulk SMS for E-commerce

MY SMS MART is one of the best Bulk SMS service providers for E-commerce websites in India. We provide premium Bulk SMS solution for E-commerce business stores in India. Bulk SMS for ecommerce websites is used to send OTP SMS Via API about

Sign-up, mobile verification and delivery status. We also deal in Missed Call service which is helpful to register through giving a missed call.

We provide Text messaging solutions to different sectors for communicating with general public. Our Bulk SMS gateway for eCommerce helps you to be in touch with individuals 24*7. We have partnered with all major telecom companies in India for premium SMS services. Our E-commerce Bulk SMS software help you to send group SMS to mobile numbers just by uploading contacts via excel sheet.

Bulk SMS Gateway for E-Business websites

Bulk SMS gateway is an easiest tool available for sending a SMS or text message to your customers. SMS Gateway sends SMS in Bulk volume without any failure to end mobile phone users.
It is web based SMS application or software used to deliver text messages to customers and groups. We also provide SMS gateway API which can integrate with your website, CRM and software.

How to improve ecommerce sales with the help of Bulk SMS Ecommerce Software

If you want to improve the success of your ecommerce store, Then you are at the right platform to take advantage of bulk SMS marketing for ecommerce business.

We will support you to implement New SMS marketing tactics and strategies for success of your Ecommerce Store.

The aim is to give you a few simple, proven SMS marketing strategies that will help you grow your ecommerce store.

More specifically, we’re going to focus on how you can use SMS Marketing in order to improve your ecommerce store sales.

Let’s begin!

Implement Bulk SMS for ecommerce Business

You can use Bulk SMS for ecommerce business to drive people back to your ecommerce store, if they did not take a desired action the first time around.

A SMS campaign in place can potentially get a lot of these people to complete their purchase.

How to generate a flood of Ecommerce sales using Bulk SMS campaign.

You can use Bulk SMS to drive people back to your ecommerce store, if they did not take a desired action the first time around.

When you run an ecommerce website, you can use SMS to achieve the following –

  • Promote to people when they’re on a mobile device
  • ‘Remind’ people about a product that they were looking at
  • Promote upsells and cross-sells
  • Promote discounts and offers on products that people were interested in

Let’s take a look at how you can set up a Bulk SMS campaign.

First, you need to create your bulk SMS account on our site. This gives you the freedom to run a variety of SMS campaigns.

You’ll then get the chance to create your custom audience group. Once you’ve created your audience group then go about setting up an SMS campaign.

To do that, you need to create a custom Sender ID name according to your company name. A Custom sender ID helps your customers to recognize your company name.

Then, you can run SMS Campaigns, based on specific discount or new product launch and offers. If you can generate desire and encourage action, you’re retargeting efforts will be better received by those you’re showing your ads to.

It helps to provide an incentive to encourage people to complete their transaction. In order to achieve good results, you’ll need to create custom ads, for your SMS campaigns, that are relevant and provide value.

This all has the potential to produce a better ROI for your campaigns, because your ads will be relevant to the people seeing them.

For example, do you want to sell more of a certain product?

Then, you need to gather an ‘Audience’ of people who have purchased that product. It’s worth noting that you can also set up a Custom Audience using a list of mobile phone numbers.

Adaptly conducted research that involved running two SMS campaigns side by side.

One SMS campaign focused strictly on generating subscriptions, right from the get go. The other SMS campaign told a brand story with the use of ‘sequenced ads,’ before providing ads that gave people a chance to sign up.

You can take advantage of the targeting features that MY SMS MART provides, too, ensuring that your SMS are shown to the right people.

We also provide SMS campaign reports which you can view and download from your account. You can also use service following services for ecommerce business – Voice SMS, Bulk Email Marketing, Toll-Free Number, Interactive Voice Response service (IVR), Missed Call Service.

Bulk SMS Service for M-commerce websites

  • Send Bulk SMS for ecommerce store
  • Free HTTP Bulk SMS API
  • Send SMS from CSV, Excel-sheet
  • Upload Contacts via CSV, Excel-sheet
  • Quick 100% Bulk SMS Delivery
  • Ecommerce SMS Notifications
  • Graphical Delivery Reports with export facility (DLR)

Benefits of Bulk SMS for E-commerce in India

  •  Lifetime Unlimited SMS Validity.
  • Easy and quick SMS panel to Use.
  • 99% SMS Server Up-time Guarantee.
  • DND filter SMS Server.
  • Send Bulk SMS through excel sheet
  • 24×7 Customer support
  • Schedule SMS
  • Wap Push SMS
  • Free HTTP , XML SMS API Documentation
  • Dynamic Bulk SMS: – which can be Customized and personalized with Excel-sheet

Uses of Bulk SMS in E- commerce websites

  •  Our Bulk SMS service helps to bridge the gap between customer and owner.
  • Our Bulk SMS service is a very cheapest and reliable way to promote your E-commerce website.
  • You can send SMS alert to your customer regarding the delivery process of their shopping cart.
  •  You can send SMS to new and existing customer regarding special and exclusive offers.
  •  Our Bulk SMS service helps to improve your security system by sending OTP to your customer.
  •  Bulk SMS marketing is more beneficial than email marketing.


Bulk SMS Promotion can grow your ecommerce business quickly – if you know how to use them.

Get started now, and see what’s possible.

Best of luck!

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