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Bulk SMS for Jewellery Shops India

MY SMS MART is one of the Best and Trusted Bulk SMS Service Provider for Jewellery Shops in India. We provide you Bulk SMS solution for Jewellery Shops in India as per your specific requirements to send reach out customers at lowest rates. We also deal with Missed Call service which is helpful to customers to register for free through giving missed call. Our company is providing Best quality messaging solutions to different Product and Service Sectors to have the Best experience in terms of communicating with general public. Our powerful SMS gateway helps you to be in touch with individuals 24*7 without any delay. To provide the Best text messaging service we have partnered with all major telecom companies in India to maintain our premium quality SMS services. Our Bulk SMS Application software helps you to send SMS in one click from excel-sheet by uploading contacts to sending Group SMS.

How Bulk SMS Gateway works for Jewellery Shop

Bulk SMS gateway is an easiest tool available for sending an SMS (Short Messaging Service) or text message to your new customers, existing customers and others instantly. SMS Gateway sends SMS in Bulk quantity without any failure to end mobile phone users. It is web based SMS application or software used for delivering text messages to individuals or groups for quality communication. We also provide SMS gateway with API which can be integrated with your website, CRM and any other software.

Best Unique Features of Bulk SMS Service for Jewellery Exhibition

Unlimited Validity.

Quick and Reliable.

Dynamic & Personalized SMS.

DND filter for Promotional SMS.

Useful for Marketing Campaigns.

Schedule SMS for Future Events.

100% immediate Delivery Guarantee.

Great way for Business Communications.

Unicode SMS in 18 Languages (Hindi, Marathi, Tamil).

Time Duration for Sending Promotional SMS 9:00 A.M TO 9:00 P.M.

Send SMS with Customized Sender ID Ex- LM-UPDATE , MD-NOTIFY.

Benefits of Bulk SMS for Jewellery Shops in India

Bulk SMS marketing is more beneficial than email marketing.

Our Bulk SMS service helps to bridge the gap between customer and owner.

Our Bulk SMS service is a very low cost and reliable way to promote your Jewellery Business.

You can send SMS alert to your customer regarding the Payment and Services.

You can send SMS to new and existing customer regarding New Designs, Special and exclusive offers on Jewellery.

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