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Utilizing Bulk SMS service has become one of the vital strategies for media companies, enterprises, banks and FMCG sector for marketing purposes. The service has the potential to deliver SMS and other forms of notifications to millions of subscribers in the couple of minutes.

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However, most providers solely concentrate on selling bulk SMS, but Web based SMS service has gone beyond the traditional SMS methodology and provides various offerings such as customer engagement, product marketing, sales promotion, loyalty programs, customer support and internal communications.

By optimizing cloud-based messaging services, Service provider also provides an array of bulk messing services such as short and long code solutions, SMPP SMS applications, cloud telephony, missed call services, virtual mobile numbers and toll free numbers service.

The core service of the company includes - a mobile banking facilitator platform for the BFSI segment, Dialstreet- a cloud enabled business communication manager and Vizdesk- a comprehensive visitor management tool.

One’s aim to provide bulk messaging service across Globe, “We have a stable and powerful messaging platform to transmit SMS to nearly 10 million mobiles in just 60 minutes of time.

Within a span of 4 years, Solutions has widened its reach across India from Bangalore to Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. Besides spreading in Metro cities, the company has also touched other Tier 1 cities such as Jaipur, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, and Indore.

Customized Integration for Automated SMS Gateway API

Service offers customized Application Programming Interface (API) to suit specific business requirements of enterprises.

"We offer SMS Gateway code snippets for APIs in major programming languages such as PHP, JSON, JAVA, XML & many others which help to easily integrate business applications (code) and get access to SMS& Voice services,".

These Application Programming Interfaces are supported by popular databases such as Oracle, MySQL, and Sybase.

Leveraging Cloud Telephony

Interaction through toll-free numbers is usually time-consuming and it does not work efficiently during peak hours. But the cloud telephony system IVR to transfer the call to the concerned person without any hassles

Four Core Notification SMS Services

The sms service first platform is bulk SMS messaging including both Push and Pull messaging.

Push messaging includes sending Alerts, notifications, discount coupons and promotional messages.

Pull or 2- way messaging is an interactive and engaging method where the request for the transmission of information is initiated by the receiver or client.

These are generally used in offers, voting campaigns, feedback surveys and more. The first cloud enabled product is Dial Street, a cost effective cloud telephony system that not only manages entire Business calls, but also lets users to easily administer operationally and capital efficiencies.

Other features of Dial Street includes integrated call analytics, ability to record incoming and outgoing calls, utilization of missed calls to generate leads, capture feedbacks and conduct polls.

On the other hand, SMS service solely programmed to assist SMS based services to BFSI. It lets users perform various banking functions with ease with secured data management facilities.

The SMS service platform enables operators for password validation with an additional facility to host the system on multiple data centers without any hassles.

India being one the largest democratic country in the world, the election process is the most critical for the peaceful functioning of the democracy.

Effective communication forms the backbone of the election process. In order to be successful in a political campaign, you need to get the support of as many people as possible.

It will be difficult for the political parties and its candidates to reach out each and every voter. With the help of Bulk SMS Service reaching out to the voters for the political parties and its candidates will be easy.

If you want your party to become more successful during election time, Bulk SMS Service is the best and modern solution to interact more and more people. Bulk SMS Service for the election campaign facilitates moderate in an election campaign.

Recently political parties have shifted their strategies for election campaign from print to online media. With the help of Bulk SMS Services, communication with a larger volume of the public can be done easily.

Make communicating with parents quick, easy and hassle free while saving yourself hours of time and bags of cash! Parent alert offers extensive SMS, IVRS and Auto Dialler service to schools and colleges.

Using our unique SMS software for Bulk SMS for Schools, it is possible for the schools and colleges to communicate parents of students. The school and college can communicate with the students regarding Exam / Test and academic results, Homework’s reports and its status, Attendance of the students on a regular manner, Holiday announcements, Meetings and important dates, Timetable, Fee details, etc.

Providing world-class services to its clients and have been a leading organization in the realm of Bulk SMS Service provider in India Over the years has consolidated its presence in the market.

Having a leading end-to-end mobile data solutions provider that caters to Schools, In offers to various SMS services focusing on bulk SMS, and SMS gateway integration and other text messaging solutions for Schools and bulk SMS player in the global market business texting solutions; unique bulk SMS software can send SMS directly from EXCEL plug-in. One can now add and remove contacts from your Bulk SMS account.

To send Bulk SMS using the internet, a web based platform for organizations.

Bulk SMS is a cost effective medium to reach millions of customers with just one click. As per the recent surveys 95% of mobile users who receives an SMS, read it. Within a short span of time Using Bulk SMS services any organization can reach a wider range of audience.

It also can be used to promote a brand, Broadcast information, Transactional alerts and much more to meet the market demand. Nowadays, Bulk SMS is used in many different sectors like the Internet, Hospitals, E-commerce, Education, IT Services, Real Estate, Banking and much more. The platform can be used different types as per client's requirement.

It provides, the HTTP API to integrate SMS service with the client's ERP, online website, CRM software, HRM software and much more to directly push the SMS from their application to the main server where data validation done.

Lowest Price Bulk SMS

MY SMS MART offers the lowest price with quality Bulk SMS services all over India including in your city. It would be better to choose best premium sms gateway provider for your business related communication at low cost. You can also buy bulk sms package online in India using our secured payment gateway.

Fastest SMS Delivery

We provide priority bulk sms route for instant and reliable SMS delivery in India. You can also view SMS delivery report and download in the excel sheet format. Our dedicated sms servers help you to send sms to your customers through multiple sms gateways which help in fastest delivery within time.

Dynamic SMS Feature

Our SMS panel helps you in sending Bulk SMS along with Sender ID name and other personalized content to your customers quickly to make them feel connected with your products and services. Personalized sms helps in generating more customers lead as everyone feels privileged.

6 Alphabetic Sender ID

6 Alphabetic Sender ID helps your customers and clients to recognize your company name. Sender ID creates the brand name of any company or business among targeted customers which also helps in marketing. You can easily set up and manage Sender ID UPDATE.

No Hidden SMS Cost

We are providing free SMS panel application with no setup fee. Our software is loaded with numerous advanced features which you will not get with other bulk sms service provider in India. You just have to purchase sms credits according to your needs.

Instant SMS Delivery

Our SMS Gateway is powerful enough to send sms in bulk quantity to customers. Using our robust sms gateway & 99% server Up time you will Get fast delivery possible. You can send sms campaigns like a professional using our bulk sms platform.

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