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IVR | Interactive Voice response Service Provider in India

MY SMS MART is a cloud based IVR solution telephony company in India, dedicated to offer a range of IVR services to the global clientele. We are best ivr interactive voice response service provider in India. our company is leading service provider of IVR software based on cloud telephony system; we know the importance of communication and call in

  1. Call center
  2. Business Enterprises
  3. Organizations
  4. Companies.

To deliver the needs of the global market players, Our High-tech VOIP automated voice calling system technology for quality communication option is featured under the name IVR Service in India.

IVR software system in India can be integrated with web services and configured, customized according to the needs of big, medium and small business to communicate with customers.

How our Interactive voice response (IVR) Services actully work?

Anyone who calls on your ivr number will first hear a personalized welcome message like;

(Welcome to xyz company, we providing BPO services platform) and call flow with post welcome message it will play list of ivr Extension option:

  • Dail 0: For Consultancy Services
  • Dail 1: For Business Services
  • Dail 2: For Customer care Services
  • Dail 3: For other Services
  • Dail #: To Leave a Voice Message

And based upon extension option selected by caller your incoming call will be automatically routed instantly to mobile or land line phone mapped to that extension. And your company executive in real time starts talking to caller.

10 Unique Benefits of IVR Solution

  • Welcome Message
  • IVR message Alerts
  • IVR Web Interface & CRM
  • Programmable Extensions (0-9)
  • IVR Voice Call Recording system
  • 3 Language Support
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Advanced Call Routing system
  • Customized On hold Music
  • Multiple Level IVR Channels

Why choose our cloud based Virtual IVR system or virtual phone system:

Our IVR services is web based application with detailed call reporting logs. Your complete call conversation along with any voice mails are automatically recorded into our cloud based IVR system. And you can listen or can download recording anytime by just login your web based IVR application.

Our online cloud based IVR system is fully customized service and as per your business needs & requirement we can customize the settings according to your CRM also.

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